Vision derision

June 17th 2015

What’s all the fuss about visions you wonder?

Why should MS&MSB’s give a damn you wonder?

If your company doesn’t have a core vision, what makes you get up for your business every day and what makes you get up again when things veer too far from its home?

If your company doesn’t have a vision, aren’t you flying blind on an uncharted flight path?

If you are flying blind you must be following others or drifting. If your business doesn’t have its own vision and you are following, who are you following?

Where are they going? Are you sure? How can you be sure if you’re flying blind?

Is someone else’s heading the best direction for your business?

Is it where you want or need to go? Do you know why?

If you are following, how will your customers differentiate you from the leader? Are you sure?

If your customers can differentiate you from the leader, think about it, it’s obvious they won’t always be your customers. Now brace for the hard landing, because...

If you’re drifting, your business will stall and hit hard ground, sooner or later.

Then what?

The energy you will need to follow is far greater than that to lead (for we are not birds or aircraft) and the energy needed to recover from a stall is greater still.

Everyone is capable of big bold visions of their own. Where is yours?

If your business has a vision, does everyone involved with your business know it and does it lift the spirits and the ‘can-do’ of everyone when things don’t quite go as hoped? If not, is it really a vision?

Do you know the visions of the people around you? Why not?

Everyone is capable of big bold visions …