Risk is unavoidable

June 14th 2015

Every business owner and manager knows there are endless risks to predict and avoid in business. But not all risks are bad or to be avoided. Put another way, some risks are opportunities.

If you are too afraid to pursue opportunities and to prepare well ahead to create your own it may seem cruel to ask why you are in business. But it’s a question you should ask.

If your business is just meandering along and you are quite content, you are probably taking the biggest risk of all. No business, ever, and certainly not today can just meander along.

You may feel you are working hard, and you probably are. But is it getting you where you want to be or do you feel you’re treading water?

If you are content in your meandering, you are almost certainly avoiding not just the bad risks but the good risks as well. That’s where taking the biggest risks of all come to play.

The most devastating risk we take in life is to deny ourselves the great risks that bring beautiful and brilliant rewards. If you can’t imagine something bigger and better, then we wonder if you are blind-folded and in reverse.

What’s next ...... then what?