Introduction to Perspectives

I appreciate genuinely that you are here and interested to discover more about Boorama and who is behind the name. Obviously you want confidence in my credentials and acumen; I hope you are looking for more.

You and your business, whether a corporation of 100 or 1, may be facing one brick wall too many or worse: a precipice. I hope not but know from experience that most owners of micro small or medium sized businesses (MS&MSBs) seek advice when

  • pressures build to the point they are not sure what to do or which way to turn next
  • they waited until they were so completely over the business they couldn't face it anymore
  • they thought the business was bubbling along nicely until the risks they hadn't even seen caught them by surprise
  • they are at risk of losing everything, literally! 

If you self-generate your living, you are in business.  If you are a sole practitioner, particularly if you are an artist, performer, musician or writer you too are in business.

Whatever your reason for being here, I hope to give you confidence and to inspire and motivate you, because I've heard too many business owners say “if only we’d done something sooner”.

Thank you for being here.  I invite you to explore my perspectives and to talk with me about how I/Boorama may help you take your business and you and your team to a longer healthier return on your life's work.