When the words corporate and strategy are used around many MS&MSB owners their eyes may glaze over. They often admit they know they ‘should do something along those lines but it all seems too big and – well – corporate and time consuming’.

I hope they don’t leave it until it’s no longer a choice.  I know too well from decades of working with clients that when it happens, and it does, the effort to turn around the business decline becomes much bigger, more time consuming and challenging for everyone, not least the founders.

However, I have seen the other side of this doom-and-gloom coin and it can be smooth and shiny. It’s why I do what I do and those experiences inform how I approach what I do.

Regardless of industry age or size, Boorama has proven to its clients and others that strategic methods, practices and most importantly thinking are attainable, sustainable and compatible with informal and agile MS&MSB cultures.

True strategic thinking, planning and implementation combine the science of business with intuition plus experience, but planning of any kind is just another process in a vacuum, without inventiveness, respect, goodwill, and heart. Where’s the value to anyone in that?

I assume that you have some long-term returns invested in your business.

Every tiny thing your business thinks and does, today - that it shouldn’t, or doesn’t - that it should, is a deficit to its long term value. Isn’t that really important?

Wealth doesn’t happen by accident or coincidence; maximum returns come from constant strategy and execution whether you own a global corporation or a corner store.

Strategic planning, restructuring, and positioning are not 'A' heavy planning pow-wow or 'A' weighty document. Strategic capabilities come from continuous and subtle changes that filter throughout the business over time.  They come with the guidance from an objective Advisor who collaborates on plan by plan, case by case, and incident by incident basis if necessary.

Strategic planning is not a drag and is not your enemy. It is your friend and it frees us! Isn’t that what most MS&MSB owners seek?

There is no such thing as one way – the only way. Sometimes structured documented and formal ways are relevant even for micro businesses. But I understand that MS&MSBs prefer to operate in informal and fluid ways. I love these qualities and have no desire to turn any business into a miniature image of a global corporation.

Nonetheless, technology continues to drive unprecedented structural changes, flexibility and agility in major corporations.  These were once the rare and prized golden egg of the small, not supersized.  

When supersized gets the golden egg in MS&MSBs, the 'just a small time operators' can no longer run or hope the mythical tide will turn soon.  If you are here, I assume you are looking for guidance clarity and support.  Talk with me and we will explore whether and how I can offer what you need.