Boorama is a proud partner of the



FRIDAY 2nd - SUNDAY 4th December

at historic

Waterloo Station

in the New England region of New South Wales

in conjunction with the 

High Country Writers Festival

RETREAT ENQUIRIES: Virginia Eddy - Retreat Director

+61 0412 708315

If you yearn for a longer or bigger dollop of the elusive exclusive time to get lost in your writerly world, options are available to extend your writerly retreat beyond the 4th.  

If connecting with other writers and hearing about the writerly experiences from established guest authors* keeps you inspired and writing, then make this event a must 

* The annual springtime (usually) Retreat is held in conjunction with the High Country Writers Festival (HCWF), featuring moderated talks and discussions with published guest authors.  The Festival is usually held at The Makers Shed and other locations in Glen Innes in October each year, but for 2022 we have shown again that we can pivot.

The High Country Writers Retreat is a strategic partnership between Virginia Eddy (HCWR Co-founder and Writer, Corporate analyst, writer and strategist) and Michael Burge (Author, Journalist, HCWR Co-founder and HCWF Director) in association with Deborah Anderson (Waterloo Station's Accommodation Director)

Early morning fog over Waterloo Station, post storm

Early morning fog over Waterloo Station, post storm