Boorama was born in 1998 as a boutique corporate advisory service under the co-direction of Michael O’Brien and Virginia Eddy (that’s me).  Clients have been medium, small and micro businesses across diverse industries with even more diverse corporate issues.  Following Michael’s death (2011), I wound-back Boorama’s services before returning from Melbourne to the New England region in New South Wales in 2013.

Document writing is integral to Boorama’s service range, and that responsibility always fell to me. However, it was not the only type of writing I yearned to do.  In 2019, I resolved to broaden my writing genres, while recognising this would not destroy the skills, capacities, knowledge or experiences gained professionally, or the desire to see businesses flourish. 

For this reason, Boorama’s site will remain online, and receive new ‘fodder’ occasionally, but mostly with the hope that you and others might find an insight or gem to shine a light on the problem(s) your business is facing.  If you cannot find an insight or gem, please contact me via the Contacts page.

Sometimes just a simple five-minute conversation can open a door to change your perspective and the life of your business. For now, take a little time for you, relax and discover the perspectives in these pages. They’re here for you and your business. Best wishes.




Thursday 14TH - Monday 18th October 2021

If you write or dream of writing, and yearn to retreat to write and be challenged while mixing with writers and authors, check-out and bookmark D'Arcy Lloyd to register for updates.  Details will be available from late January right up to the Retreat.

The boutique 4-day High Country Writers Retreat (HCWR) will run for the third consecutive year from Thursday 14th October to Monday 18th October 2021 at Waterloo Station between Glen Innes and Inverell in the New England region, NSW.   To discover more and to book, go to the link above and try to resist the temptation.

The Retreat will be held in conjunction with the High Country Writers Festival (HCWF) to be held at The Makers Shed in Glen Innes on Saturday 16th October 2021. Be sure to bookmark and register for updates on Festival events if your preference is to read, rather than write.

The High Country Writers Retreat is a strategic partnership between Boorama, D’Arcy Lloyd (Author, HCWR Co-founder and Director) Michael Burge (Author, Journalist, HCWR Co-founder and HCWF Director) and Deborah Anderson (Waterloo Station Partner and HCWR Accommodation Director)