Under the direction of Virginia Eddy, Boorama exists to support business people to clarify and shine a light on the best they and their business have to offer.  Whole of business (or corporate) services and mentoring are offered to business owners and their teams in medium, small, micro or sole practitioner businesses.  

I invite you to 'open the doors' to the pages at this site and to explore your options if you are looking for mentoring or practical business management support.  Please enjoy the discovery and feel free to contact me to discuss how I may assist you. 

AND AGAIN IN 2020: OCTOBER 23 - 25

I am looking forward, for the second year, to collaborating with author and journalist Michael Burge when The Makers Shed (Glen Innes) and Boorama present the two-day High Country Writers' Retreat at Waterloo Station 23rd - 25th October 2020.  

If you are a writer, in any genre, we invite you to explore this opportunity; whether it is to learn, share ideas or simply escape for 2 or more days of blissful 'indulgent' writing.  Keep your eyes on https://themakersshed.org/high-country-writers-retreat/ for details on the 2020 program as it evolves over the coming months. 

In 2019, the Retreat kicked-off the inaugural High Country Writers Festival that ran throughout November.  In the 23-25 October 2020 program, the dynamic energy of both will come together for writers at the Retreat and readers with guest authors at Festival events in nearby Glen Innes. 

Why we choose to partner with Waterloo Station. 

Waterloo has rested in the heart of the New England district in northern NSW for more than 110 years and continues today as a working rural property. Apart from its history, and often heroic restorations that continue across many original buildings, we are thrilled to receive the generous welcome, support and partnership from Waterloo's owners.  For insights into the Station's history and offerings, visit https://www.waterloo-station.com.au/.